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Thank you for taking part in this survey.

We are conducting this survey to gather specific details of the network middleware market.

Integrands would like to research the network middleware needs of corporations that create distributed software for the smartphone, desktop, and / or enterprise platforms.

Your company is under no obligation by providing this information. We will not share any information that you provide with any other party.

Thank you for your time.

Below, please check all that apply and supply an explanation if needed.

Please provide a name of the company you represent.
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Company Info:
What platforms / operating systems will your software run on?
Platforms / OS Android
Other Platforms:
What industry will use your software?
Industry Communications and Media
Financial Services
Healthcare and Life Sciences
Manufacturing and Consumer Goods
Other Industry:
Have you already purchased, or do you expect to purchase, a network middleware product to solve your data distribution needs?
Current Use Have Purchased
Will Purchase
Always Looking
Purchase Plan:
Instead of purchasing, have you developed, or do you expect to develop, network middleware in-house?
In-House Have Developed
Need to Upgrade
Development Plans:
Do you consider the tradeoffs between the resource and time overhead of developing middleware in-house compared to purchasing a qualified messaging middleware which would enable you to complete your software development quicker?
Trade Offs Rather Purchase
Rather Develop
What features do you require in a middleware solution?
Features Publish and Subscribe
Request and Response
Load Balancing
Guaranteed Delivery
Quality of Service
Other Features:
What performance do you expect your middleware to have?
Performance Low Latency
High Data Throughput
Native Code
Scales Well
Other Performance:
What coding languages does your middleware need to interface with?
Languages C / C++
C# / .NET
Other Code:
Are there any specific protocols that your middleware must implement?
Protocols AMPQ
Other Protocols:
If you purchase a network middleware product, then would you also desire a short training session to assist your developers with their initial development efforts? Or, would sample code and API documentation be enough for your developers?
Support Training
Other Support:
In the future, may we contact you via email/phone?
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