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Integrands Data Exchange

Real-time data distribution functionality without the complexities.

Network middleware C++ and Java libraries now available for Android, Linux and Windows.

Simplifies the development of distributed and cross-platform software applications that target smartphones and desktops.

For startup and small companies eager to bring their product to market. And for large companies wishing to streamline legacy software.

Real-time Messaging Software Library for Intelligent Applications

Incorporating Integrands Data Exchange will augment your software.

  • Offers a scalable, responsive and comprehensive set of features.
  • Exchange and manage data across heterogeneous platforms.
  • Affords you a complete message oriented communication package that would be non-trivial to develop in-house.
  • Extensible, ready for your software's future enhancements.

Integrands is technologically advanced.

  • Currently supports popular Linux, Windows, and Android operating systems.
  • Available libraries for C/C++ and Java development environments.
  • Offers real-time ultra low latency for responsiveness and increased data throughput.
  • Offers a simplified, robust, and flexible interface for a reduced development learning curve.
  • No intermediary brokers

Integrands Data Exchange provides a rich data communication feature set.

  • Publish-Subscribe (Topics)
  • Point-to-Point (Queues)
  • Load Balancing
  • Request / Reply
  • Synchronous data flow
  • Transactions
  • Filtering
  • In-Order Delivery
  • Priority Based
  • Message Security (authentication, encryption, integrity)
  • Message Peek
  • Quality of Service
  • Network Metrics
  • Cross Platform (automatic data conversion across heterogeneous platforms)
  • Persist Messages
  • Guaranteed Delivery
  • Topic Hierarchies

Why Choose Integrands Data Exchange?

  • For developers of distributed and / or cross-platform software applications that exchange data.
  • For developers who are dissatisfied with the complexities of developing message oriented middle-ware in-house.
  • For developers who are dissatisfied with competing products where only a portion of a monolithic set of features are used at full price.
  • Integrands provides a modularized and competitively priced message oriented middle-ware whose feature set can be selected by the customer.
  • Integrands simplifies the development of distributed and / or cross-platform software applications by providing middle-ware that enables the exchange and management of data.
  • Integrands is unlike alternative solutions that require a monolithic set of features at full price.

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