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About Integrands

Integrands provides real-time message oriented middle-ware that enables distributed and / or cross platform software applications to communicate, share and manage data.

Integrands simplifies the development of software by providing a library of functions (middle-ware) that enables the exchange and management of data.

Core Values and Beliefs

Integrands is serious about the success of your software / product.

  • We create intelligent architecture and design.
  • We create efficient data processing.
  • We engage in modern software development practices.
  • We assist clients with developing products that will generate revenue.

We abstain from corporate social behavior that is detrimental to our product.

  • Our priorities focus solely on creating a quality product.
  • We recognize an employee's quality of work instead of coworker social alliances.
  • No politics, and no employee favoritism.

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